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Our Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers are qualified to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes, to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and will be there to support your through your programme every step of the way.

“But I’ve never been to the gym before, how do I know this is right for me?” If you have never stepped foot in the gym before, do not worry. It can be daunting walking into a gym with no gym experience at all, our team will build your confidence and help you develop the best programme for your individual needs which will put you right on track to execute your goals in the right way.

Max Wood


Hi i’m Max co-owner of gorilla fitness. I have been a qualified personal trainer for 8 years and i have a passion for training clients with a real desire to succeed in changing their body’s and lives. I use my knowledge and many years of experience in personal training to ensure that my clients can do the same. I work with my clients to achieve a variety of goals including increasing strength and weight loss.

Jamie Wood


Co-owner of Gorilla Fitness and a qualified level 4 personal trainer. My aim is to help people who lack the inspiration to stay motivated and reach their goals.
I help people shed fat, increase strength, feel awesome and build their best body! I understand the high demands of everyday life, and how challenging it can be fitting in healthy eating and exercise around the chaos of every day, helping you transform both your body and mind in the quickest possible way!

Chloe Hull

Sports Rehabilitator

BASRaT registered Sport Rehabilitator. Highly experienced in musculoskeletal conditions from assessment, manual therapy and exercise based rehabilitation. A broad clinical background with experience working in private practice and professional sport. Highly passionate for strength and conditioning as participates for enjoyment too.
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